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Working with a garage door technician is the easiest way to ensure that your overhead door in Rock Hill, South Carolina is still working optimally. Periodically performing routine maintenance can help: prevent accidents from happening, stop burglars by protecting your home or building, and extend the life of your property.

To keep your garage door working properly, you need to maintain it. This includes lubricating the hinges and springs on a monthly basis. If you have experience dealing with hanging doors and can do this yourself every month, that's great. Otherwise, hire an experienced professional who will conduct routine maintenance for you twice annually or once a year depending on how much you use your garage.

1. Listen for strange sounds.

One of the first things to consider when creating your garage door inspection routine is getting to know how it sounds. A healthy garage door should not be noisy, but a faulty one can make strange noises. If you notice unusual sounds coming from your garage, this could indicate that your door needs servicing and professional attention.

Overhead doors may start making noise as they wear, but be aware of new types of sounds that might indicate a problem. For example, snaps and screeches often mean the opener chain is loose and should be tightened. Be sure to call a professional right away if you notice unusual noises from your garage door, in order to avoid prolonged

2. Check for gaps between the trim and garage door.

A sealed home garage door helps to protect against the weather and keep your storage safe. Having a tight seal above or below your garage door is especially important in Rock Hill, SC during wintertime when the weather becomes cooler outside.

Check whether the garage door closes completely each time, and make any adjustments so that there are no gaps between the wall and the floor when it closes. If you can't fix this issue yourself, hire a professional to inspect your garage door for signs of malfunction.

3. Check the remote control for problems

You use your garage door remote every day, so it's not surprising that the buttons can wear out. It might be time for you to replace one of the buttons or your entire remote control. Contact your remote’s manufacturer for more information and advice on checking over your remote control.

Changing the battery is an inexpensive fix for garage door remote problems. If this fixes the issue, go ahead with normal operations. Otherwise, there could be a problem with your remote and time to get a new one

4. Verify that the Automatic Reverse feature is in good working order.

Garage doors usually have an auto-reverse feature installed, so check whether or not this works every month to ensure you don’t have accidents in the future. 

Two common auto-reverse features exist in most garage doors. One is pressure-sensitive, which activates when a foreign object interrupts the downward motion of the door. Place a block of wood beneath your empty opener and close it again to see if this feature is functional. If there’s no change in direction, call an expert immediately as this could be a sign of a broken spring.

The second auto-reverse feature is activated by two photo sensors on either side of the door. To test the automatic reverse, close your garage door and wave a broomstick through the beams. If this or another problem persists, call an expert. 

5. Fix Broken Garage Door

If your garage door is stuck open or shut, perform a few basic maintenance tests to find the problem.

  • Clearing an obstacle: Sometimes, the sensors in a garage door can get dirty from objects piling up around them. This prevents the sensor from communicating with the motor and impedes the movement of the door.
  • Address the problem of an unaligned garage door:  The most common cause of a stuck garage door is an out-of-adjustment hinge. This can typically be fixed by adjusting the hinges, but some individuals may not feel comfortable without hiring someone to do it for them.
  • Repair a broken garage door opener: When you have a broken garage door opener, the automatic use of your garage door will cease automatically. Trying to solve the problem yourself could create further problems and it would be best to call in an expert for repair work right away.

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