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Does your garage door look crooked? Or does it make loud sounds when you open it? You might have a broken garage door spring. Whether you have a torsion spring or an extension spring, both can get damaged with years of use.

A garage door spring is important for the smooth working of your garage door. The springs carry a lot of tension and are responsible for lightening the load of the garage door.

When the heavy garage door is pulled down, it also pushes down the giant garage door springs that create tension. The tension in the garage door springs helps the garage door opener lift the garage door when it is opened. Thus, garage door springs are a crucial part of the garage door system.

If you see that your garage door spring is broken or damaged, you should immediately call a professional for its replacement. 

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Rock Hill Garage Doors offers a high-quality garage door spring replacement service in Rock Hill, SC. We make sure that your garage door never stops working due to a broken garage door spring. 

Our professionals are skilled in replacing and repairing all kinds of garage door springs. They won’t take much of your time and will get your garage door back to work.

Thus, if you need professional assistance for your garage door repair or replacement, Rock Hill Garage Doors is just a call away. Contact us today at 803-317-2257.

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How do you know that your garage door springs need replacement?

Garage door springs are also an essential part of the garage door system like other moving parts. With the help of garage door springs, the other garage door components can work efficiently. While, if the garage door springs are damaged, it can cause damage to other parts too.

When your garage door springs get damaged or breaks, you can identify it by the following two things:

The opener is working, but the door doesn’t elevate

When the garage door spring is damaged, and you try to open the door, the garage door opener motor will work, but the door won’t open. You may notice the sound of the garage door opener straining to lift the door but it doesn’t open. 

If the garage door doesn’t open due to this reason, it is the garage door spring that is damaged. Rock Hill Garage Doors experts recommend getting your garage door spring replaced as soon as possible. Else, it can cause damage to the garage door opener and motor.

You hear a loud sound

When you are opening your garage door, and if you hear a loud sound like a firecracker popping, the garage door spring has cracked or broken. 

If you hear any such sound, you should immediately stop using the garage door and call a professional to get your garage door springs replaced.

If you search for fast and affordable garage door spring replacement in Rock Hill, SC, and surrounding areas, Rock Hill Garage Doors will be the best option. Our garage door experts are skilled and trained in replacing the garage door springs of residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors.

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We pride ourselves on the decade of industry experience and a large base of satisfied customers. Our experts arrive at your place with a positive attitude and will replace the garage door springs efficiently.

To claim our garage door spring replacement expertise, schedule a visit today. Call Rock Hill Garage doors today at 803-317-2257.

Garage Door Spring Replacement by Rock Hill Garage Doors - Everything you need to know!

Rock Hill Garage Doors is just another name for efficiency and reliability. We are known for our fast and excellent garage door spring replacement services. We have earned a stellar reputation among Rock Hill, SC citizens for performing high-quality work at competitive prices.

We perform outstanding work all because of our team of experts. The professionals of Rock Hill Garage Doors are a dedicated team with deep knowledge of garage door springs. Our work ethic is behind everything we do, from professional garage door spring replacement to maintenance services.

Fast and friendly customer service

Rock Hill Garage Doors experts not only work to get your garage door back to work but also to earn your trust. Our experts are friendly, and we make sure that all our customers are treated like a family.

Quality and satisfaction are what we work for

At Rock Hill Garage Doors, we work hard to provide our customers with superior quality services and satisfy them. Customer satisfaction is what helps us to grow every day. We make sure that you are completely satisfied with our garage door spring replacement services. 

We take care of your safety too. We assure you that the replaced garage door spring is working accurately, and you can use your garage door again.

If you find any issue with your garage door springs, contact Rock Hill Garage Doors for professional assistance. Call us on 803-317-2257 for fast and affordable garage door spring replacement services.

Garage Door Spring Replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the garage door springs on my own?

Replacing the garage door springs on your own is not recommended. The reason being, garage door springs hold high tension. If you try to replace them on your own, it can cause you injury.

This is why it is always recommended to get your garage door springs replaced by professionals. They have the required expertise and skills in replacing and repairing the damaged garage door springs.

Roc Hill Garage Doors offers professional service for garage door spring repair and replacement. To book an appointment, call 803-317-2257.

Which garage door springs should I install?

The kind of garage door spring you want to install depends on the type of garage door you have. You will need professional assistance to determine the kind of garage door springs you should install.

Rock Hill Garage Doors experts will provide you with the best recommendations for the garage door springs. Call us today at 803-317-2257 to learn more.

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For any more queries related to garage door springs installation, repair, or maintenance, you can always call us at 803-317-2257. We also provide 24-hour emergency services to our customers.