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Same-day and affordable garage door cable repair and replacement services by Rock Hill Garage Doors

Has your garage door stopped working? Or is your garage door moving too fast? The chances are that your garage door cable got damaged or broken. 

A garage door cable is a crucial component of the garage door system. It helps you to operate the garage door smoothly. However, broken garage door cables can damper your whole day. After all, if your garage door won’t open, you may not be able to get access to your car!

The garage door cable is the central part of the garage door system. It carries a lot of tension which can sometimes damage the cable. If you want your garage door back in shape, you will need a professional to fix the garage door cable.

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Rock Hill Garage Doors is a top-notch company in Rock Hill, SC, providing same-day and closed garage door cable repair and replacement. As a team of professionals, we assure to provide high-quality service that will fix your garage door cables.

With a decade of experience in garage door services, Rock Hill Garage Doors has steadily built a reputation as professionals in garage door cable repair and replacement.

If you think you have loose or broken garage door cables, call us at 803-317-2257. We’ll send our best technician right away to fix your garage door cables, keeping your home secure and safe.

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Different types of garage door cable replacement

At Rock Hill Garage Doors, every expert says that no garage door is the same. Thus, every garage door has a different cable style based on its setup. 

Whenever you call Rock Hill Garage Doors for garage door cable replacement and repairs, we will arrive at your place in no time. They will inspect the broken garage door cable to determine the thickness, length, and variety of cable they need to repair or replace.

With a decade of experience in the garage door industry, Rock Hill Garage Doors services the following range of garage door cables for your convenience.

Torsion cable repair and replacement

Torsion cables work along with garage door drums located near the top of your garage door assembly. We perform torsion garage door cable repairs with utmost safety and care to ensure the garage door works efficiently while opening and closing.

Extension cable repair and replacement

Extension cables are positioned in line with the horizontal garage door track. These cables work along with the garage door pulley when lifting the garage door up and down. We repair and replace the extension cables to make sure that your garage door works smoothly.

Safety cable repair and replacement

Safety cables are necessary when you use extension garage door springs. If the extension garage door springs snap under pressure, safety cables prevent the weakened extension springs from causing serious injury. We will replace your safety cables efficiently to avoid any further damage to the garage door system.

However, we always recommend that you stop using the garage door as soon as you notice broken garage door cables. This will prevent any injury as well as damage to the property. Moreover, you should also avoid repairing or replacing the garage door cables on your own. Or else it can cause serious injury because garage door cables hold high tension.

The garage door cable can break when the pressure on the cable increases. It can also get damaged when used more than its lifespan or if the garage door acne is of poor quality.

Whatever be the reason for the damage, Rock Hill Garage Doors can repair and replace your garage door cables efficiently. Our experts will arrive at your place in no time and will fix your garage door acne problem in no time. 

Call Rock Hill Garage Door today to have a professionally trained technician repair your garage door cable! Call on 803-317-2257. 

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement by Rock Hill Garage Doors - All you should know!

The safest thing to do when your garage door cable breaks are to call a professional. At Rock Hill Garage Door, we perform garage door cable replacement and repair when you call us. We are available 24/7 to deal with your garage door cable emergencies. 

With garage door cable repair, you can protect other garage door components and allow your garage door to work for a longer time.

We always try to satisfy our customers with our reliable garage door services. 

We provide services 24/7

Rock Hill Garage Door offers garage door cable repair services 24/7. Our technicians understand the need for emergency repair and replacement of garage door cables. They are available 24/7 to serve you.

Same-day services

We offer same-day garage door cable repair and replacement services for your convenience. This ensures that your garage door gets back to work.

Cost-efficient solutions

Rock Hill Garage Doors is known for its affordable garage door solutions. We do the garage door cable repair and replacement at competitive prices.

If you’re located in Rock Hill, SC, or surrounding areas, give us a call at 803-317-2257 to schedule your garage door cable repair and replacement visit today.

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Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my garage door cable is damaged?

You can notice the damaged garage door cables in the following way:

  1. Your garage door is unable to open or close completely.
  2. Your garage door cables are thinner in some areas.
  3. The garage door cables squeak during operation.

If you notice the above-written things, call Rock Hill Garage Doors for professional help. Call on 803-317-2257.

How can I prevent my garage door cable from breaking?

You can prevent your garage door cable from breaking by regularly lubricating your garage door cables, inspecting cables for frays, and removing debris from the garage door cables.

However, if your garage door still gets damaged, call Rock Hill Garage Doors on 803-317-2257.

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